Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fabric Scrap Sock Puppet Tutorial

Need an easy, fun rainy day project? Got a lot of fabric scraps?

How about a fabric scrap sock puppet? This quick project comes together easily, uses those little scraps you just can't throw away and is an easy project to do with your child.

Here's what you'll need: 
Small socks
needle and thread
small fabric scraps approximately 1" x 3" in length
pen (optional)

To make the fabric scrap hair, select and trim 5-7 scraps 
to 1" wide by 2"-3" long.

Place the scraps together and sew with your machine.

Sew across the strips leaving a quarter inch allowance. Backstitch all the way to the beginning and resew the pieces together.

Trim scraps to desired length. 
It looks best if the pieces are not all the same length.

Repeat with another 6-7 strips. If making two sock puppets, you will need to make 4 sets of strips. 

After sewing your sets of scraps together, place two sets together with a small overlap and sew across again with your machine, backstitching, then re-sewing to the end.

Put the sock on your hand and position the fabric hair. 
Pin the fabric hair to the sock.

Using embroidery thread, sew the fabric hair to the sock, taking care not to gather the inside of the sock with your needle in the process.

Put the sock on your hand and use a pen to mark the position of the button eyes and nose. Go ahead and try out some silly voices while you're at it. 

Choose buttons and sew on the eyes and nose.

Ta-da,  all done! 
Now introduce yourself and let the fun begin. 

Hugs are a great place to start. 

If you make some of these guys, I'd love to see them.


  1. I think I see some sock puppets in my future. Those are too cute and so is the model!

  2. adorable. . I love how simple it is!

  3. Oh, very cute! And thanks for the award too =)

  4. I use to make these with my kids when they were little. Sew cute.

  5. That's so cute! My girls would love these!

  6. Those are too cute. My granddaughter and I will be making these on Grandma Monday. Thanks. :^)


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